Season: 1 Ep: 4 1 billion views on YouTube in 3 years!? Rachel Bennett of The Ohana Adventure tells us how!

The Ohana Adventure is a 3-year-old project that started 18 years ago when I met my wife Rachel… now Bennett.  We dated for not a very long time and sealed the deal with rings only a few months later! That story is for another time!

The Ohana Adventure started out as a mommy help, tips and tricks channel that over time, due to strategy and customer demand, morphed into a full blown family game playing, traveling channel. The first upload was Dec 28 2015 and then it got real with daily uploads in 2016.

Why did Rachel change the strategy? Why did it work so well? How did she decide? Tune in and she goes over all of the details on how to grow a successful youtube channel. not just in the family space, but in any space on the internet.

The Now Mom
Rachel Bennett


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