Season: 1 Ep: 3 Do you have a stupid idea? Richie Norton tells us how to turn it to GOLD


Richie Norton and Jase Bennett have been business partners through various businesses over the past decade.

They were always on the search for the business the could generate revenue and allow them to pursue their passions. They each had their own stupid ideas that led them to the next stupid idea and the next stupid idea which became this ladder of success that nobody else knew they were building until they took a few steps back, saw the growth, and realized that those stupid ideas weren’t what they had been calling them all along!

Jase and Richie ended up starting a new company called PROUDUCT that actually created what they wanted while creating exactly what their customers wanted. It was a true win-win and what they learned and created will be shared in the next podcast!

Find Richie Norton online at:
Instagram: @Richie.Norton


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